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Fortnite Audio Not Working: No sound on Xbox fix


Some players have reported issues with the sound not working in Fortnite on Xbox. Some say they have no audio, while others have problems with lag or the sound cutting out or popping. Complaints about this sound glitch are widespread enough that we can assume a recent update caused the issue. Fortunately, there’s a fix that might work for some.

How to fix Fortnite sound not working on Xbox

Fortnite Audio Not Working Xbox

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Some of those having issues with no audio on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S can fix it by restarting the game. Unfortunately, not all problems with sound lag, and audio popping or cutting out won’t be solved by this easy fix. It seems like the cause for many players in the most recent update, which means Epic will have to release a patch or hotfix to address the issue for a permanent solution.

However, if restarting the game doesn’t work, there are a few general fixes players can try to fix the audio in Fortnite:

  • Restart the console.
  • Check A/V receiver settings.
  • Make sure the headset is configured properly.
  • Change out the cords.

Restart the console

Many a problem can be fixed by hard resetting the Xbox console. Sometimes things just get buggy, and restarting the console can solve the issue.

Check A/V receiver settings

There are two ways to hook up an Xbox to an A/V receiver. Those who have the console directly connected to their receiver will likely not have issues. However, those with the console connected to their TV might find that ARC sometimes malfunctions. To troubleshoot this, try the TV speakers. If they work, users might need to check the ARC settings on their TV or reset their receiver.

Make sure the headset is configured properly.

Those using a headset will want to ensure that it’s connected properly and turned on.

Change out the cords.

It’s rare, but sometimes HDMI cords just stop working. A cord on its way out might display video but not output audio. A quick way to make sure a user has a good connection is to change out HDMI cables.

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